Composite Fillings

Colour matched composite fillings

We use the best composite filling to ensure the best results for our patients, ensuring a perfect colour match.

Composite fillings are regarded as cosmetic treatment and are not available on the NHS and must be paid for. They are more difficult to place than silver fillings and will take your dentist some additional time to complete.

Our composite fillings are a class above in terms of aesthetics. Our dentists use superior composite filling material, achieving a strikingly good end result.

We provide patients with front composite fillings that blend into your teeth. Our dentists take additional time to produce a filling that looks like a real tooth and will even use white fillings on your back teeth. These have a beautiful result.

Injury, tooth grinding, and cavities are the main causes of tooth deterioration. With composite filling, you can regain the structural integrity of your tooth. Your dentist will make sure that the preparation, cleaning, and bonding stages are adequate. That way, your composite filling will adhere to your affected tooth.

Generally, a composite filling has a life span of around 7 years, but we do see them last much longer than that. However, the beauty of composite fillings is they can be repaired and added to easily. This means if a piece breaks, we can simply add it back in instead of replacing the whole thing.

Composite Fillings

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