Root Canal Treatment

Pain free root canal treatment

Root canal treatment will be carried out by an experienced Endodontist. It will require an initial consultation to determine the complexity and time need for the treatment.

Root canal treatment is necessary when a tooth becomes infected. The infection often spreads into the centre of the tooth called the dental pulp. Inside of the dental pulp are the nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels. All the sensitive areas of the tooth are contained here, and when the area becomes infected it is usually extremely painful, requiring immediate treatment.

The Endodontist will carry out root canal treatment under local anaesthetic. Although a common procedure, the treatment can be a lengthy one and can often require more than one visit to see the Endodontist. Rest assured you are in good hands and will feel no pain.

We also offer sedation to nervous patients. More information on Sedation here.

We may decide to prescribe medication, such as antibiotics, to take following a root canal treatment.  Please ensure that you fully disclose any allergies during your new patient pre-screening and remember to update us of any changes.

Root Canal Treatment

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