Lead Dentist Madeline Sariei

Meet Our Lead Dentist: Dr Madeline Sariei

As a dentist at Tower Hill Dental Practice, my role extends beyond merely treating dental issues. It’s about fostering healthy smiles, promoting overall wellness, and

BlancOne teeth whitening treatment

The 10 minute Smile Transformation

Discover the quick and effective brilliance of the BlancOne teeth whitening treatment at Tower Hill Dental Practice. This revolutionary cosmetic treatment promises a dazzling transformation, achieving

Promoting Healthy Smiles

At Tower Hill Dental Practice, our dedication to the wellbeing of our patients extends beyond the practice. Starting this February, we will begin a new

Dental Membership-Plans

Membership Plan

Dental membership plans are designed to help patients access dental care on a regular basis by providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional insurance plans. These


Now accepting new patients

Tower Hill Dental Practice, Sowerby Bridge, will open its doors to new private dental patients for consultations and treatments on 27th March 2023. The practice