RENEW Whitening

RENEW your natural whiteness

We can enhance your natural whiteness and go even whiter with our professional teeth whitening gels. Whether you are looking to combat severe discolouration or want to achieve the perfect celebrity smile, teeth whitening is a simple and cost-effective solution.

  • See visible results in less than a week
  • Different choices of strength, including a mild solution for sensitive teeth
  • Stabilised pH that is kind to the tooth’s enamel
  • Contains potassium fluoride to help manage sensitivity
  • Mint flavour for a fresh, clean taste
RENEW Whitening

43% of people in the UK want to improve their teeth with whitening, straightening or composite.*

* Survey from
If you feel the same way, our Confident Smile Makeover

will fully transform your smile by using modern techniques that can whiten and restore in a quick, long lasting, and affordable way.

All our treatments use clinically proven professional products and minimally invasive techniques, which means they are kind, long lasting and designed to enhance your natural smile.

Discover the treatments available for you

Restore Your Smile

Dental Impants

A long-term solution that provides a natural-looking, comfortable, and durable replacement for missing teeth.

Dental Bridges


A dental bridge can replace one or more missing teeth to restore the natural balance of your bite.



Removable prosthetic devices that restore smiles, improve chewing ability and boost self-confidence.

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